About Us

The Brampton Biosphere Eco-City Initiative (BBEC) is a volunteer-driven approach to making Brampton a sustainable city. It applies the Themes and Tools of the Biosphere Eco-City (BEC) Approach to gather ideas and engage people and stakeholders in sustainable activities.

BBEC began in 2001 with completion of a self-guided Brampton Sustainability Tour and then creation of a BEC Environmental Club at a local school. A Brampton library, bicycle club, and school were all partners in development of these projects. BEC promotes cooperation among all stakeholders, because we can all contribute to and benefit from sustainability.

BBEC projects all contain four aspects of engagement: understanding, involvement, innovation and sharing.

If you are interested in helping BBEC create sustainability projects, or would like to learn more, please click “Contact” in the top menu.

Photo: Amy Kramer on Unsplash