Definition & Need for Sustainability


Sustainability means using only the resources we need to fulfil our needs, and leaving the rest for nature and future generations to use.


To solve current problems and ensure a good future

We need sustainability to solve current problems and to ensure a good future. Humans lived sustainably for most of their history. Recent changes in human ability to exploit the resources of the Earth have led to modern lifestyles that are unsustainable. This has brought about three critical problems:

  • Resources of the Biosphere are being reduced faster than they can be renewed;
  • Human exploitation is harming nature (plants & animals) in significant ways;
  • People are suffering from the impacts of unsustainable growth.

Frans Van Heerden, Pexels Soweto. Photo: Matt-80 in Wikipedia Commons

Returning to sustainability is essential for Humanity to: a) Maintain its only home (the Biosphere), b) Retain plants and animals that share its world, c) Ensure better quality of life for millions of people.

NOTE: This pages comes from the BEC national website